Prep Program Information

BCSC Prep Program U9s-U10s

The Prep program offers a more advanced soccer experience and is open to all players born 2011 and 2012 (U9-U10). BCSC is committed to providing a fun and quality early foundation to its future competitive and recreational players. Our aim is that this ‘Prep’ year prepares them on their road to success in the game. Prep teams will be overseen at every practice by BCSC Directors alongside a licensed and experienced staff of coaches.

The Prep program takes a developmental approach to teaching young soccer players how to be technically proficient and how to be confident, competent, and creative with the ball. Each week, the Prep players will experience a curriculum of fun and engaging activities designed to help each player’s individual development. Players will have two practices and one optional “Finishing Fun Friday” session each week. Offseason expectation for Prep teams is one futsal session per week and one indoor winter league (Nov-Dec or Jan-Feb). We do NOT have tryouts for this age group. It is a long road to becoming a good soccer player and we don’t want to rush our youngest players. Teams are based on friends, neighborhoods and school mates. We offer ‘Festivals’ throughout the summer where families can come check us out.

Like every program at the Boulder County Soccer Club, the Prep program is centrally focused on instilling a lifelong love of the game in all players. The greatest asset we aim to provide the Boulder soccer community is not simply in the development of outstanding soccer players, but also the continued guidance and development of confident, respectful, and influential young people.

Prep Program team fees are paid per season (Fall / Spring).  Each season includes an advanced licensed staff coach, two practices per week plus one optional Finishing Fun Friday session.


  • Team practices 2x per week
  • Free supplemental Finishing Fun Fridays are held each week during the season for Prep Program players.
  • Off season expectation: 1 technical session per week and 1 indoor winter league (Nov-Dec or Jan-Feb). *Midweek training varies by team.
  • 1-2 Tournaments per year.