Winter Training and Camp

2020 Winter Training

This year, Winter training will be organized by team, allowing every competitive team a training slot at Boulder Indoor Soccer. Recreational, Prep and Grassroots players will also have sessions at BIS that are open on a first-come first-serve basis. BCSC Winter training will take place at Boulder Indoor Soccer (Futsal Field) from November 2nd to December 18 (Winter 1) & from January 4th to February 26th (Winter 2).

BCSC Winter Training Guidelines

BIS Winter 2020-21 Flow of Traffic



Winter 2: Team Training at BIS

Jan. 4 – Feb. 26, 2021

Futsal Field 

4pm2009/10 Girls Gold2009 B Gold/Blue2010 B Elite Gold and GoldPrep Program
5pmRec Girls 13 and Under2009 B Elite Blue2007 B Elite WhitePrep Program Second Session
6pm2008 G Gold2009 B Elite Gold2007 B Elite Blue2007/2008 B Gold
7pm2006 G Gold05-06 Boys 2007 B Elite Gold02-04 Boys Welsch #2
8pm2005 B Roe02-04 B Welsch


Big Field at BIS

Time MondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday
6:30-7:30pm Recreational Girls Slayers Grassroots & Recreational Boys HS Girls & GrassrootsGrassroots & Recreational Boys Second Session